IS – Connecting Google App Engine with iOS

Currently focused on setting up Google App Engine (GAE). Australian mobiles can apply to GAE with an ‘Other’ number with country code; ‘+61 403  123  456’.


Finally have the connection of GAE with iOS up and running.


Followed the python tutorial that’s available on google. (Extremely straightforward).
After trying to browse around for a few examples (there weren’t many out there), I came across “ASIHTTPRequest” for connecting the iPhone.
Simply copied sample codes from ASIHTTPRequest’s Documentation to a function (e.g. viewDidLoad) in Xcode to get it running.
With the google app engine application, had to set it up by allowing the parsing of variables in it’s urls (dynamic urls). (e.g.! ).
[ Though that may not be the proper way of doing things ].
This application and it’s simple model can be expanded to a more complex structure later, along with authentication (and url hiding if required, as demonstrated here).

Links I used to help me with this process are listed at the end of the attached note.

Personal (Messy) Note on the process throughout this implementation.


Now I have an app in google app engine storing data and communicating with my iphone app. On to the next step.

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